Linear LED Light (90°)

The M116-45 is a seamless and fully dimmable linear LED light for the primary use of accent, cabinet, in-cabinet, and art lighting. The M116-45 is made out of aircraft grade aluminum which results in superior heat dissipation and its aesthetical pleasing appearance. The length is custom ordered from a continuous 7" to 120 inches with length increments of 2 inches and has a minimal cross section height and depth of 0.65" (11/16th). Multiple color temperatures are available which include 2700, 3000, and 3500 K with a CRI of typically 93 with a lumen output of 225 per foot. The M116-45 is mounted with 3M double-sided tape with the light output at 45° to the mounting surface. Its superior quality ensures even color and light output across single and multiple lights.

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Example Frame
Made in USATitle 24 ListedNo UltraViolet RadiationROHS Complient


Housing Clear anodized Aluminum
Style 45° Mounted
Dimensions 0.65" x 0.65" x [Custom]"   [H x W x L]
Length Up to 120" in 2" increments     (continuous)
Weight 3 oz/ft
Environment Indoor
Mounting 3M Double Sided Tape
Light cover Frosted Polycarbonate Diffuser (Spotless)
Input voltage Low Voltage, 24 VCD
Power Supply EST PCU M116 100W Class II   or
Compatible PS (See details)
Wattage 4.5 W/ft
Efficancy 45 Lm/W
Wire on Light CRM rated; 20/2 gauge with EST male connector   or
No male connector for field connection
Wire from PCU to Light CRM rated; /2 gauge with EST female connector   or
No male connector for field connection
LED EST light engine
Color temperature (CCT) 2200   /   2700   /   3000   /   3500 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 93 typical; 90 min.
Lumen output 225 Lm/ft
Beam angle Wide
Light beam Soft Edged
Dimming Seamless & Fully dimmable
Lift Time 60,000 Hrs
Warranty 3 Years

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • No assembly required
  • Cable length from PS up to 100 feet
  • No variance in color temperature or light output.
  • No UV radiation
  • Full customization
  • High efficiency
  • Made in USA

  • Seamless and fully dimmable.
  • Continuous lamp length up to 10 feet.
  • No LED hotspots
  • No multiple shadows
  • 45° light output
  • Title 24 - JA8-2019 Listed

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