DL2 - D3

The True 2 inch LED Downlight

The EST DL2 Series is a high performance recessed LED downlight designed by our aerospace engineers in close collaboration with top-tier lighting designers to provide an unmatched lighting solution. The revolutionary design exhibits a true 2-inch (51mm) foot print that delivers industry leading light quality and up to 1000 lumen. The multi patent pending design is unique from its plug-and-light installation, from-below interchangeable light engine (straight, adjustable, and wallwash), the from-below interchangeable magnetic optics system, and the from-below light adjustment method with a range from 0° to 45°. The DL2 is seamlessly dimmable from 100% to 1%.

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Example Frame

Due to the revolutionary patent-pending light adjustment method, the primary light direction from the horizontal can be adjusted by hand and completely from-below after the DL2 luminaire has been installed. Without any portions protruding past the ceiling the primary light direction can be adjusted from 0° to 45 degrees.
Furthermore, the exclusive interchangeable magnetic optics system allows clients to change the optics, such as the beam angle and light diffusion, completely from below the ceiling after the luminaire has been installed within the ceiling. The elimination of having to remove the light fixture from the ceiling to perform these tasks makes illumination adjustments faster and easier. This means lighting designers and end-users utilize time for adjusting illumination rather than dis-and-assembling light fixtures. Ultimately this results in better lighting and savings.

The patent pending installation system of the DL2 series allows the light to be installed within a total footprint of only 2 inchs (51mm) for all sub models; this includes the straight, adjustable, and wall-wash version. For installation within sheetrock a 2” (51mm) circular hole can be created by using a standard hole-saw. The DL2 mounting housing is then installed within this aperture by simply threading it into place. This small footprint enables the DL2 to be installed in space-critical areas including radiant heating panels such as the Messana’s RayMagic panels. After the mounting-shroud is installed the ceiling can be mudded and painted. Then the DL2 luminaire is connected to the low voltage wiring and simply pressed into the mounting-shroud resulting in a flush and perfect fit every time.

The patent-pending magnetic optics allow for a quick and elegant interchange between optical properties and the primary light direction adjustment from the horizontal. The optics, such as spot, medium and narrow beam, can be interchanged fully from-below to provide the desired illumination effects. This is accomplished by simply pulling off the magnetic optics and snapping an alternative into place. Adjusting the primary light direction and angle is accomplished by simply rotating the optical component and/or the light engine to obtain the desired illumination direction.

As with all of ESTech lights the DL2 series provides industry leading light quality with a minimum CRI over 90 and a option for high CRI above 95. The high quality optics of the DL2 series provides excellent beam angles with no harsh edges and even-illumination. The custom optics of the DL2 series provides true and vivid colors.

Made in America UL Listed California Title 24 Listed Rated ASTM E283 Airtight construction. No UV radiation

Dim-to-Warm Feature1% Smooth Dimming, ELV or 0to10V 2 inch Aero Series. Lights in this series are interchancable from below.


Housing Anodized Aluminum
Style Straight,   Adjustable  0° ↔ 24°,   Wallwash  24° ↔ 45°
Dimensions 2" ⌀  X  6.8"   [Diameter x H]
Weight 9oz  /  0.6lb  /  250g
Environment Dry, Damp & Wet Location
Mounting Patent-Pending Mounting Shroud & Self-mounting Push-In Snap-In
Light cover Frosted Polycarbonate Diffuser
Input voltage 36 VDC, Class 2
27 VDC for Wet Location Luminaire, Class 2
Power Supply EST PCU-4 DL2 Class 2, 36 VCD
EST PCU-4 DL2-W Class 2, 27 VDC for Wet Location Luminaire
Wattage 17W
System Efficancy 50 Lm/W
LED Light engine LM80 certified
Color temperature (CCT) 2700, 3000, 3500 K     
ESTech Dim-to-Warm 2300K-3200K Color Change (Programmable)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) High CRI, 94  typical
R9 Value 68  typical
Lumen output 800-1000 Lm
Beam direction EST Patent Pending light direction adjustment system
Beam angle Spot / Medium / Wide
Light beam Soft Edged
Dimming Seamless & Fully dimmable 100% ↔1%
Life Time 60,000+ Hrs
Warranty 3 Years
Certifications Listed UL IC / Non-IC / Airtight / JA8-2016 (CA Title-24)

  • Plug & Light Installation
  • Equal light output between fixtures due to electronic line loss compensation.
  • Consistent CCT between light fixtures. (2 MacAdam)
  • 2" (52mm) total foot-print
  • Made & Designed in USA
  • UL Listed IC / Non-IC / Airtight
  • Low Voltage, Remote Transformer
  • Cable length from PS up to 200 feet.

  • Seamless and fully dimmable. 100%⇒1%
  • Daisy Chain up to 5 Units
  • Straight, Adjustable & Wallwash
  • Fully recessed, adjustable from 0° to 45°
  • Spot, Medium and Wide beam angle options.
  • Light unit accessible & interchangeable from below.
  • JA8-2016 CA Title-24 listed
  • Fully-customizable trim options & trim-less option available.
  • Fits Messana Ray-magic radiant panels.