About EST

GerhardHoog ENERGY SAVINGS TECHNOLOGY, LLC is a California-based and privately owned company providing high-tech and energy-saving Solid State Lighting solutions.

EST's core business is the design and distribution of elegant, cutting-edge and cost-saving lights and lighting systems for consumers and commercial customers.

EST was incorporated in 2007 by General Manager Gerhard Hoog, a engineer and versatile entrepreneur with more than 25 years of top-management experience in the global semiconductor and Solid State Lighting industry.

In the past, Gerhard's long-time intense interest in sophisticated lighting approaches had always been met with obstacles such as the huge energy consumption of conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lights and their specific technical limitations in the areas of light-quality, dimming or energy use.

Recent positive developments in LED technology enabled Gerhard to successfully work on his own lighting vision again and he has now become one of the pioneering experts in the Solid State Lighting market. Together with his enthusiasm and broad knowledge of the market, his technical expertise provides an ideal foundation for merging benefits of the latest SSL-technology into really innovative lighting products.

Gerhard Hoog: "In my opinion, savings need to go hand in hand with quality in design as well as workmanship. In particular, the light-quality really does matter. That's why we combine State-of-the-Art technology with practical considerations and then create an intelligent design, offering better lights. Actually, the enthusiasm and dedication of all of us at EST has finally materialized in our fine lighting products and professional solutions."

Recently the first abroad EST-Office has opened in Munich, Germany to serve the Central European market. Stephan Link, the branch manager: "The lighting market here is sophisticated and slightly different than in the US. Saving energy has been a topic for a long time here already.. ...but LED lighting will sooner or later replace old technology everywhere and EST is working hard at being one of the first in having the most interesting products available here."