MP2 - D3

High performance LED Monopoint

The EST MP2 Series is a high performance LED Monopoint designed by our aerospace engineers in close collaboration with top-tier lighting designers to provide an unmatched lighting solution. The revolutionary design exhibits a true 2-inch (51mm) foot print that delivers industry leading light quality and up to 1200 lumen. The patent-pending design is unique from its plug-and-light installation, adjsutabilty, and non-canopy design. Just like all our products the MP2 series also provides a seamless dimming capabilityes from 100% to below 1%.

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Example Frame

With our proprietary control system the MP2 has no visible electrical canopy and the only visible features are the aesthetically pleasing low profile trim, stem, and luminaire body. The MP2 employs on our patent pending screw less angle adjustment system to for easy beam control without the need for tools. The MP2 monopoint can be adjusted from 0° to 60° degrees.

The unique 2" Aero Series installation system alowes the MP2 Monopoint to be installed within a total footprint of only 2 inchs (51mm) above the ceiling while maintaining all required IC and AirTight requirments. For installation within drywall a 2” (51mm) circular hole can be created by using a standard hole-saw. The MP2 mounting housing (Shourd) is then installed within this aperture by simply threading it into place. This small footprint enables the MP2 to be installed in space-critical areas including radiant heating panels such as the Messana’s RayMagic panels. After the mounting-shroud is installed the ceiling can be mudded and painted. Then the MP2 luminaire is connected to the low voltage wiring and simply pressed into the mounting-shroud and automaticly secured via snap fit provisions resulting in a flush and perfect fit every time.

The optics, such as spot, medium and narrow beam, are field interchangable to provide the desired illumination effects.

As with all of ESTech lights the MP2 series provides industry leading light quality with a typical CRI of 94. The optics of the MP2 series provides beam angles with no harsh edges and even-illumination.

Made in America UL Listed California Title 24 Listed Rated ASTM E283 Airtight construction. No UV radiation

ESTech Dim-to-Warm function available. 1% Smooth Dimming, ELV or 0to10V Adjustable from 0 to 60 degree with 365deg  rotation. 2 inch Aero Series. Lights in this series are interchancable from below.


Housing Anodized Aluminum
Style Adjustable  0° ↔ 60°,   Rotation  0° ↔ 360°
Dimensions (Luminair) 2.4"  X  5.2"   [Diameter x Hight below ceiling]
Dimensions (above ceiling) 2.4"  X  2.7"   [Diameter x H]
Weight 0.6lb  /  250g
Environment Dry & Damp
(Wet Location Option Available)
Mounting Mounting Shroud & Self-mounting Push-In Snap-In System
Lens Softening, Prismatic, Sanded, Standart MR16 (1.96 ⌀) glass inserts
Power Supply EST PCU-4 MP2 Class-2, Low Voltage
EST PCU-4 MP2-W Class-2, 27 VDC for Wet Location Luminaire
Wattage 20W
System Efficancy 50 Lm/W
LED Light engine LM80 certified
Color temperature (CCT) 2700, 3000, 3500 K     
ESTech Dim-to-Warm 2300K-3200K Color Change (Programmable)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) High CRI, 94 typical
R9 Value 68 typical
Lumen output 1100-1200 Lm
Beam direction Patent Pending Friction Tilt 0° ↔ 60°
Beam angle Spot / Medium / Wide
Light beam Soft Edged
Dimming Seamless & Fully dimmable 100% ↔1%
Life Time 60,000+ Hrs
Warranty 3 Years
Certifications Listed UL IC / ASTM E283 Air-Tight / JA8-2016 CA Title-24

  • Plug & Light Installation
  • Equal light output between fixtures due to electronic line loss compensation.
  • Consistent CCT between light fixtures. (2 MacAdam)
  • 2" (52mm) total foot-print
  • Made & Designed in USA
  • UL Listed IC / Airtight
  • Low Voltage, Remote Transformer
  • Cable length from PS up to 250 feet.

  • Seamless and fully dimmable. 100%⇒1%
  • Daisy Chain up to 4 Units
  • Adjustable from 0° to 60°
  • Spot, Medium and Wide beam angle options.
  • Fits Messana Ray-magic radiant panels.
  • JA8-2016 CA Title-24 listed

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